Author Topic: Do i have gynecomastia? Introduction to me and my future plans  (Read 1328 times)

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Hey all :)
I have been lurking for quite some time here. Until this weekend i decided i wanted to make an account and share my story. So buckle up and hear me out hihi!

Also hello, im a 25 y male from Norway and i wear bras 24/7 for 2 years (I wear size 36-38 B or C cups)

Opening line? I´ve always been jealous of women with nice bOObs. For all my older teenage years (I think i started paying attention to VS models at the age of 17 - 18) and adulthood i have always envyed the opposite sexs. And i have a BIG BIG (and i mean really big) passion for female underwear, particularly for bras <3 I just love them, adores to look at them and adores and love it so so much to wear them. BUT! as a straight male that i am i have always been so scared and had a big fear about the thought i could be transgender. the word trans....brrr always terrified me that i could be someone like that. Like im just gonna clearify, i have nothing against trans and i support them for all in the world and equality, im a big pride supporter and a feminist. But when it then comes to myself, i didnt like, not at all.

I do strongly belive im slow out of puberty. Not much hair has grown, not much facial hair. I havent notice a big change when it comes to voice change. But the recent years (23 - 25) i have started to notice bigger changes.
Hence why i think my body is very feminine. Since i learned about Klinefelter, i thought i had the syndrome (quick to explain this, your chromosomes are XY = Male, XX = Female. But deeper down the chain it can be combinations such as XXXY, XXYY, YYXX or YYYX just to mention a few) or a higher number of Estrogen. But ive done and tested and it all came with negative results.

So i do wonder, do i have Gyno? Yes im aware that being fat is a factor(but trust me, i aint fat! I weight 74 kg, im 1.75m tall and my BMI is 24.5), how your chemical balance with hormones are and many other factors. I´ve been told that i fit a bra from both men and females through instagram and many people are supporting me for being brave that i wear a bra everyday.

So what are my future plans then? Well rn im trying to archive them. By going to a therapist i want to start hormone therapy to grow out boobs on my body. Since i live in norway the process is very long and they need to "prepare" you and give you green lights before you can go to the next steps. Im in weekly sessions rn and hopefully by summer of next year i can start. My "trans" journey is beginning. Its has been said by my doctor that i have some sort of gender issue, truthfully i wish i could have both genitals and boobs and just dont belong in a category haha. Also, im in no sort of position where im uncomfortable in my own skin or dont happy with my body, i just feel they are missing boobs and when im wearing a bra that "missing" clothing piece is there" Wearing bras makes me feel very comfortable and i find it more healthier. I kinda feel like im evolving towards something that would make my life easier and more comfortable to live.

Plz, if you have any questions or feedback, then feel free to type them down. Im a pretty open minded person and im not shy to answer.

Thanks in advance and peace for now


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You might just be fat. Not an expert, but it seems like that.

This is what I started doing yesterday. I can't do 5 sets, but I did 4 sets. Feel free to try it.
I will tell you guys how and if it worked for me in about a month. 


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This forum however is for men by men with men. Best of luck in your journey to whatever it is you are looking to achieve, but there are other forums out there that cater to trans and men who want to feminize suchas and susansplace. And don't worry about the time it takes, it's the same everywhere thats why many self medicate and why herbs like pueraria mirifica have really ballooned in popularity. It is a very serious step in ones life and not one to be taken lightly or with delusion i don't really believe in the therapy process cause i know crossdressers who have 0 intent to transition but wanted feminine figures who bullshi--ed their way through it to get prescriptions. But yeah, this forum is a brotherhood for men who have gynecomastia not for men who are indulging or desiring transition. 


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