Author Topic: Do I have gyne and will working out my chest make it less noticable?  (Read 1967 times)

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Hello, I've had big breast now since I was 10 or 11 and has made my life terrible. Is there anyway other than surgery to help me. Ive been taking mens vitamins and trying to work out my chest/arms to help me feel better.
right now I'm 5'10'' and 170

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Since you are holding the camera with your own hands and the view is only frontal (try and do side shot with your arms down if you can) hard to get a sense of the severity, but YES you look like many others who post here with it.

Exercising especially weight training is great for reducing fat.  However, most fat associated with Gynecomastia is stubborn and difficult to lose.  Even if you do, the glandular tissue will not decrease with exercise.

Here is the really cruel part, it has been my experience, and that of many others on this board, that building your pecs only pushes the tissue out MORE making the G appear worse.

Unfortunately exercise is not a cure for Gynecomastia, wish it was, could have saved $8K.


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