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Here's the deal. I am 20, 6'4, about 225, and have had this since my early teenage years. I know I have at least a bit of gyno just by judging from the puffy nipple and the hardness I feel.

Two and a half years ago, I was at 279, but I have lost over 50 pounds since then and definitely noticed a reduction in my breast size. I am at 225 now (BMI ~27.5) and definitely have a good 30-40 pounds to lose.

I know it will not go down all the way, but how much more do you think weight loss will help?


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Any guess would be only that, a guess.

Congratulation on the weight loss and good luck with continuing the weight loss. There is bound to be some shrinkage yet. The skin may continue to shrink over time after your weight stabilizes. In all probability the skin will not shrink enough to make you happy with the final result though so surgery may be in your future.

I think the best advice is to hope for the best while you plan for the worst. Start saving for surgery but hope you do not need the money for that purpose.
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