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Hi all,

I just joined this today.  I have a consultation with a PS on Wednesday morning. She has done this procedure for men in the past. She said that her prodedure of choice is lipo. However, she notes that sometimes an additional incision is necessary to remove firm breast tissue. By that, I would think she means glandular tissue.

I realize my case is mild. It's primarily the puffy nipples that bug me. Plus, it's discouraging knowing that working out only makes it's more pronounced.

Anyway, from the looks of it, would you think it's glandular? It feels kind of knotty when I squeeze it. Would there be any particular concerns I should have for a mild case?

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you have a very mild case.  looks like there might be a tad bit of gland there.  I would suggest getting a second opinion if you are dead set on getting sugery.

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puffy nips are usually caused by gland. lipo is ineffective at removing this.

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Hey guys, I had a consultation with the doctor. Here are some things I have to weigh out. I could really use some advice.

The doctor said she tends to perform 10-15 of these surgeries per year.  She did give me photos of her past patients--including patients that required an excision. She said she would start out with lipo. If that didn't work, she would then excise the remaining breast tissue. She said that she couldn't tell for certain until the surgery but there was a 30-40% chance I would require an excision of breast tissue.  All in all, the surgery woudl come out to around $4800. Here some things I'm weighing in my head:

Her office is near my home. I would be close to my family, so I have some people close by if something goes wrong.   Plus, if I need to contact her after the surgery, I live near her office  Also, because of her location that would probably shave off $1500-2000 in expenses. Price is the last factor I'm weighing out here, but it's still a consideration.

What I didn't like was that she said it would require general anaesthesia. That seems like the biggest risk out of all of this. She said if that she did localized anaesthesia, it would be quite uncomfortable for me.  Also, it kind of bugged me that she didn't say for certain that she would excise the breast tissue. On the other hand, she made it clear that it would be counterproductive to not excise the gland if it were there. That would simply result in another surgery.

Anyway, I could use outside opinions on this. Thanks.
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i think you have puffy nipples and most likely, liposuction will not do anything to get rid of it. my case was similar as yours-- mild gyne, but the areolae stick out. i had lipo alone but the puffiness did not inprove at all.

it appears that your proximity to her clinic is your most considered factor. but i would rather go to a doctor who can get rid of the problem with just one surgery. worrying that you didnt achieve your look after one surgery is emotional torture. for me, spending an addtional amount with a doctor who can give you absolute peace of mind  will be so much worth it.

and as for the general anesthesia, you'll be so much more comfortable under it than local. your doctor can probably suction out more tissue when you're not squinting and groaning in pain. i had my lipo under local anesthesia and several times my surgeon had to pause because the tugging on the skin and suctioning were too painful. but of course, it might be different if you have higher tolerance for pain.

just my two cents :)
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