Author Topic: Can't tell if it's chest fat or gynecomastia. would appreciate some feedback  (Read 2309 times)

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I started lifting heavy weights with compund movements, seeing them shrink a little bit and working on that, just don't want it to be there once i hit mo goal weight. I do a lot of benchpressing so my chest has gotten bigger.



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Gynecomastia is the term that is used to discribe enlarged breast on males or "male breast enlargement " it does not matter if it is caused by fat or extra breast tissue! Now, the key thing here that I beleive that you may be looking for is.
A. Do you have gynecomastia?
B. Is it caused by fat or excess breast tissue?

A. I think you may have a mild case, not near as bad as many others that have posted, and as for (B) can't tell from a picture, but if it is excess tissue all the diet and work outs will not reduce it! That requires surgery.

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Gyno? Yes.
Bad? Eh... just don't gain weight.

My opinion is it looks glandular and would need surgery to have it begone.
I think you could get by without surgery, but if you're miserable that's what counts.

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Grandpa Dan

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Mild gyne with puffy nipples.  Your choices are:  live with it (and disguise, when possible with a snug compression shirt), or have surgery.

Good luck either way.

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