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The after pic is 3 days post op.  I had mild glandular gyne since I was 12.  It progressed to what you see in the before pic, which is me at 45.  I finally had surgery on April 23, 2013.  Still wearing compression to this day as my follow-up visit isn't until this Monday.

Right:  450cc lipo + 12 grams gland removed
Left"  400cc lipo + 30 grams gland removed

My left side was always much worse.  It started out as puffy nipples for me as a 12 year old.

I had JP drains going into both lipo incisions for 3 days.  The right side is more heavily bruised and the drain removed about 120 ml of fluid over 3 days.  The left side (which was always my worst side) drained about 60 ml over 3 days.  The drainage was mostly blood and I could see some fat in there too.  Towards the end it was a mixture of old blood and I think lymph.

My only worry right now is that I have an odd spot on the lower inner right pec.  It's either swelling or perhaps missed lipo?  The swelled spot is in an area (inside my cleavage so to speak ) where the compression garments where not pressing.
I'm not sure.  As the right definitely had more fluid draining.

The after pic was taken this time last Friday and today still looks awesome.  I'm really happy with the results.  It's hard to get used to, washing my chest is so weird!  I'm 10 days post op and feel really good.  the soreness is starting to subside.  

I had the surgery with Dr. Lo in Philly.  I think he did an awesome job.  My case became a bit more challenging as I've accumulated fat near the gland over the years.  I knew he had a more challenging job on his hands.  I was in the OR almost 2 hours.

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Looks great. Nice contours.


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