Author Topic: Another “Does this look like Gyno?” Post.  (Read 697 times)

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It's a great philosophy and insight to have. I see why someone who is 21 would go under the knife, but after you turn 30 or late twenties even, spending 6-8 grand so people you don't know, won't see again and don't care about don't say anything when you go swimming or whatever it may be is just dumb. As my dad would say "those people have more dollars than sense". Plus while it seems like a ridiculous curse to have breasts, most of us here are not D cups, we can get by and in this day and age of men who often have an a cup or more it seems a little poking out isn't catching much attention. As well as while it may seem like a curse if you do grow to be a b c d cup, having t--ts is actually kinda fun. I hated it when i'd wake up and feel them fuller, but now, it's nice to be different. 

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Newby, I see your posts have transitioned to the "Acceptance" section.  BTW, that bra you are wearing there looks great on you.


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