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ok, sorry but I don't have any pics to post yet...working on getting hold of a camera.  But I will describe my problem to you.

I am 18 and I think I have a mild case of gyne.  I think I notice my nipples were puffy when I was maybe 15 or 16..possibly even as early as 14..I don't remember because I never really though much about it because I thought it was just my nipples not being "hard" like when its cold.  Anyways, they are quite puffy - probably protrude about 1/2 inch.  When they are hard my chest looks very normal and masculine.   But when they are puffy it looks ugly.  Other than the puffiness there isn't much other evidence of gyne...maybe a little gland but I'm not really sure.  there is a very slight protrusion of the overall  chest around the nipples.  

I did gain a significant amount of weight in the past 2 years...around 50 pounds probably...I'm 5'9" now and weight about 150#.  I have been working out some lately and I'm starting a full-time manual labor job tomorrow so I'm hoping to lose some weight that way.  However, I'm sorta scared because I keep reading here that losing weight or building muscle will just make it worse!  I can't really tell if there is gland behind the nipple or if its just fat.  There is something sort of hard (muscle possibly?)  and its about the diameter of a dime or nickel.  I never thought too much about my puffy nips because I only really took my shirt off when I went swimming and then my nips were generally hard.  But now that I'm getting more muscular I would like to show my body off and I'm embarrassed by my puffy nips.  All my friends have small, relatively flat nips.

I know this post was long..I'm sorry but I just needed to get it all out.  Do you think there is any chance of it going away if its been here for possible 4 years already?  I don't want to get surgery and if I was going to get it, its not possibly for at least 4 years.  As I'm entering college, I'm afraid that my sex life will suffer or I'll just be embarrassed.  I've already had someone ask me to take my shirt off at a party and I refused...but couldn't tell them why.  Maybe I'm just paranoid, but the puffy nips are something that bother me greatly..could they be puffy for another reason and not gyne?

Thank you so much for the help its greatly appreciated.



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