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I would appreciate any opinions..
I don't really notice it in a t-shirt but it would be nice to feel comfortable with my top off at the beach etc.. My issue isn't really the size but that one side is bigger than the other - so due to this I kinda feel like I am fighting a losing battle with exercise?
Any thoughts are welcome.

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In general, exercise will build muscles and you will lose some fat, but it rarely has a substantial effect on breasts.

If you have one side larger than the other, you should be checked out by an expert in gyne surgery.  Often there is excess tissue on both sides and then both sides must be addressed in surgery.

Best of luck!

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One side does look bigger, I would guess that you are in the mid 20s in bf% at the moment so its probably worth it to try and get into the mid/low tens and see if the size still bothers you.


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