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Hi guys,

It's been a long time since I came back to this forum. I had my surgery done with Dr. fielding almost 6 years ago and the results are pretty good.. to the point that I stopped thinking about it and continued my life for the past 6 years. There were times when I was a bit concerned about my chest, but not enough to ruin my day to day / mood.

Anyways, I started getting back in shape and I'm starting to pay more attention to my chest. I think there is a bit of puffiness and protruding that will prevent me from getting a really good contour / shape. And most importantly, I am starting to get conscious of it now especially when I wear gym clothes because it doesn't look appealing as my nipples still protrude a bit and my chest shape isn't that great.

I am attaching some pictures - do you guys think there is still some gland left? I think so because I see some puffiness. I am going to book a consultation with Dr. fielding again and I am hoping he can remove the tissue and remove some fat.

Any insights or thoughts would be appreciated :'(



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I think you look really good.  You have a good amount of pec muscle, and that will just improve as you spend more time in the gym. You can see on your overhead view that you don't have any abnormal projection of breast tissue. Nice masculine contour.  

You may want to see Dr. Fielding again if you are that concerned, and I'm sure he would like the follow up too.  But I think you look great.

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Thanks for your comments - appreciate it.

I had an appointment with dr.fielding and he did say I have a mild case of gynecomastia which can be 3 things:

1) Scar tissue from the previous surgery
2) re-occurence of gland or old gland
3) Fat

Dr. fielding recommended option 3 for now because it's the easiest. He said procedure for gland removal is different from liposuction and he'd rather try to fix this with liposuction for now and see how things pan out. He did caution me that the surgery may be considered a failure if in fact it isn't a fat issue, but rather gland issue.

I am thinking towards doing the liposuction - doctor said he probably will take 5-10cc out (not alot) and it will be local anaesthesia. I guess my question is: are there situations when lipo only can work especially given my pictures?

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To my eyes you look great, I would not go for another surgery. :-)


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