Author Topic: 26 years old, posted here in '09, Gyne seems worse,maybe puffy nipples? Help?  (Read 1163 times)

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Hi all, posted here a long time ago and have since lost over 80 pounds, my "moobs" have however stayed, when i was 15 or 16 roughly i was going to have inverted nipple surgery and gyn surgery at the same time, my doc at the time suggested i have neither surgery, get my nipples pierced by a physician (him) to avoid the cost of surgery and then simply wait on the gyn till i was older to see if it would dissapear. Well, it hasnt, i work out every day and have since i was young, and maintain a healthy diet. So what am I looking at here? I feel a hardness under each of my nipples for sure, not sure if thats a gland or what, Im just trying to get some ideas before going in for my consult. Any info helps. Thanks all =)


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Congratulations on your weight loss!

Unfortunately, when weight is lost, oftentimes the breast tissue remains although some of the original fat of your moobs has decreased.  Furthermore, you probably have some lax skin and perhaps some malposition of the nipples.

Suggest you consult with an expert gyne surgeon in your area to determine what is possible to help you.  And by the way, sometimes gyne surgery can result in the release of the inverted nipples -- I have seen this happen.

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