Author Topic: Gyno, or just fat?  (Read 1207 times)

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Have had problems with man boobs since  young age, but was always on chubby side as a kid. lost a lot of weight a few years ago and didn't notice them at all, then put a lot on and noticed they got really big. have since been dieting and a mixture of HIIT cardio over past few months...definite reduction in overall size, but still very breast like.about 5'7, 137.

just wondering if i just need to lose a bit more weight, or whether this looks like gyno and i should consider surgery.

any advice, much appreciated.



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You have a fine looking chest! Why or what even gave you the idea that you needed to question that you had any breast (man boobs) at all?

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I would love to have a chest like that. Just not bad enough to go through surgery. Enjoy life man.

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I agree! If I had your chest I would have never thought about surgery.  Enjoy it


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