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Hey everyone... I have been saving for surgery recently and talking to different surgeons.  My general physician in college told me I need to see an endocrinologist before I do anything.  I haven't felt any change in the size of the glandular tissue since I was a teenager and I'm now 24.  But I have increased in weight from about 150 to 170 and now my gyno is a little more obvious because of more fatty tissue.  I live in Winston Salem NC but I don't know who I should be talking to about the endocrine tests and are there any surgeons in NC that I should be visiting?  I would appreciate any help.  This is my first time discussing my gyno on this site and I'm ready to make a change!


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If your gyne has been relatively stable for years, then usually a visit to an endo will not add anything further.  However, if you wish to be totally thorough, then do visit an endo.

Assuming no problems are found, then you should consult several plastic surgeons in your area. You can get a listing of board certified plastic surgeons from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons,

Make sure they have significant experience in performing gyne surgery and look for a number of before/after gyne photos.

There are also gyne-specific experts located around the US -- and sometimes it is worthwhile (both with time and expense) to visit one of them.  You may also check out some of the doctors who have been mentioned on this forum.

Best of luck!

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