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Hi all,
I hate these things,  get them off!  I noticed I first had gyno when i was about 14.  They never went away during my teens of early 20's. 

I started working out when I was about 25 and i had it "under control" so to speak.  They still had a soft outer layer but looked like well formed pectorals. 

Now Im 35 and still work out a lot.  However the gyno is getting harder to control and the same hurtful jibs I get when I was a teenager and starting to come back.  I cant take my shirt off at the beach anymore which i really hate. 

I've had a good look around the NYC plastic surgeon sites but none of them even give a ballpark figure of TOTAL cost. 

So I have a couple of questions for guys who have gone under the knife -   

1)  How much is the TOTAL cost?  I know this varies but some acurate costs from guys have done this would be appreicated - particularly NYC.

2) How much time do I need to take off work?

Thanks for reading



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