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I had a consult with Pensler, but torn on what to do.  From what I hear he has a great reputation and the most experience in the Chicago area.  However, I felt that he was remotely vague and rushed during the consult.  I couldn't tell if he was implying, "I do these all the time.  Don't worry about it.  I work lets get the show on the road!" or "Lets get this consult over with.  I gotta use the pot.  By the way, you are one of millions in the Chicago area, so who will know if I do a crap job on you." (He seemed nicer than the last potential thought, but it was awkward none the less.)

I have a consult with Dr. Turowski in a couple weeks, but nobody has said anything about him.  I did get his name off this website, so has anybody used Dr. Turowski?

So, basically I am asking for opinions on either one of those doctors.  Personal experiences...I have read a few blogs about Pensler and they were helpful, but I want more! =)


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Hi, not sure if you made your decision but i just had surgery with Pensler two weeks ago and he does amazing work.  I was very concerned as i have had 2 gyne surgeries w/ another surgent here in chicago (Dr Wade Pielet, he sucks!!!) and pensler results are unreal.  I highly recommend him all around!!!

good luck!


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