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I have been reading Dr. Jacobs posts with great interest. Thank you Dr. Jacobs for your time.

I beleive I may be the perfect candidate for Dr. Jacobs approach to Gynecomastia surgery and here is why. I have a minor case of gyne induced from the prescription drug androgel. Fortunatley for me, my case is only a 3/10. Physical examination and radiology reveals absolutley no clump of gland beneath the nipples. In fact, I have perfect dime size nips.

However, I have been advised by experienced gyne surgeons that there probably exists a glandular component, strands of gland through out the fatty tissue, a ratio of fat to gland that is unknown untill surgery happens.

In my individual case, the idea of using an armpit puncture to remove breast matter, then resort to excision around the nipple only if needed interests me because I don't want to scar up my perfect dime size nips if not absolutely neccessary.

If my gland to fat ratio turns out to be so small that I don't need excision, then I have made the right choice. If during surgery it turns out that excision  is needed, then I know Dr. Jacobs would follow thru untill the results are obtained. Again I have made the right choice. I like that.

Also avoiding general anesthesia sounds attractive to me.





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