Author Topic: Consensus on the best surgeon?  (Read 1770 times)

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I have read a lot of posts on this board, and I've decided that I finally need to get the surgery.  I've been thinking about doing this for years but always just ignored the problem rather than dealing with it. 

Is there are consensus on who's the best surgeon in America?  If I'm going to do it, I'd like to do it correctly once, regardless of cost.


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There is no 1 best surgeon for this procedure. I had my surgery done by a plastic surgeon who only does 1 a mth and my surgery came out great. From this website, people are saying to go to Bermant
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I am new to the site, but it seems that the general consensus is Dr. Bermant.  I'm in Seattle, so I couldn't go to Bermant, but he would have been my choice. If you Email Bermant, he'll answer anything you ask.. .
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