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 :) Hi,
  I am a long time reader of the board bout 6 months before I could build myself to take the plunge of a message. I have exhausted my own countries cosmetic surgeons and found them in a word lacking, so the UK being he closest country, english speaking, and with good surgeons I looking into travelling there.

  I am planning with going with Levick but just have a few questions for you guys.

  1. I notice that some of you guys have really really heavy brusing and cutting, is there a reason for some have this and others not, or is it a case of diffrent job diffrent measures? I also note the diffrences in brusing of Levick's patients vs. Dr.Bermant's (

   2. How bad was the restriction of movement. I am a boxer, and would be only able to really afford to take a month off training, is this possible?

   3. Flying? is that a no no post op?

   4. Is it worth it? as it is a fair finanial sum

   5. I looked into Dr.Bermant and noted no follow up needed, that weird? Because via the exchange rate sterling vs. euro etc. going to America vs. UK is'nt that much of  a shocking diffrence, would you guys rate Levick a match for him ?

   6. What the hells the story with those gauzes that are pulled out, sounds like the most painful thing of the lot.

   7. Any you lads have contact details etc. for Levick , price you paid? ;)

   Any response would be most welcomed, and I would like to thank you all for making it a comfortable environment, cause even online I find it hard to talk about.


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Hi. I haven't had my op yet, but I'm going with Mr Levick a week on Friday.

Here's my take on your questions - but I am not a doctor so don't quote me!

1. Mr Levick removes more fat through lipo than other surgeons. There is a medical difference of opinion; some doctors prefer to leave some fat and "shape" the remainder to create a new contour. Bermant is a proponent of this technique. Mr Levick is ruthless at removing the fat. He also takes the breast tissue out through the armpit in pieces, rather than whole through an incision around the nipple like others. You pays your money and takes your choice. I'll take the risk of some possible skin adherance issues over  the possibility of still having a flabby chest afterwards, but thats my personal choice; you have to make yours. Research what the various surgeons do, and how successful it is.
Check this thread for more info:;action=display;num=1113772447

2/ I'd be very wary of getting punched in the chest as soon as a month after surgery. The complete healing process can take 12 months. Best ask whoever you have consultation with, but don't be surprised if they ask you to sign some sort of waiver for revision surgery if you plan to get in the ring after a month!

3/ Couldn't say, but I'd imagine not a great idea for a couple of days. For certain your insurance would be void for driving  - this may apply to travel insurance also, so if you did fly and say started to bleed badly from haematoma, and the plane had to be diverted, who do you suppose would be picking up the tab? I wouldn't risk it myself.

4/ I'll let you know in  a few weeks!

5/ For me I couldn't want to end up with some complication and not have access to the surgeon who made the op. I considered the US, but only on the basis of having the op there and staying out there for a couple of months.

6/ That I'm not looking forward to. I took some solace from Mr Levicks assertion that the pics of the guy with big sores from that had been due to allergy to the bandages, and its not normal. Allegedly. I hope! ;)

7/ 01527 577675; £3735 inc consultation

Trust me, its gets easier to talk about it once yoiu can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I know exectly what you mean. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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Welcome, ill try and answer your questions as best i can.

1. Different people bruise and heal differently.  I went with Levick and had virtually no brusing whatsoever. Its more down to the individual than the surgeon unless he is a right nutter.

2. No chance of only taking a month of boxing.  You would have movement back in a month but the chest would still be tender.  Im over 3 months post op and if i got a hard punch in the chest now id feel it bigtime.

3. I was told not to fly straight after op, it can cause bleeding to start.

4. It really depends on the individual, to me it was well worth it.  Depends on the severity, how much you want it gone.  Only you can really answer this, would it be worth it to you ?

5.  I wouldnt believe everything you read.  Bermant cant guarantee no follow up would be needed, no surgeon could.

6.  By gauzes i assume you mean the tubes in your arms to allow for bleeding? If so for me they were absolute agony, but only for about 2 minutes. Like a hard kick in the nads.  Although i think Levick now takes these out himself which is better.

7.  As above.  Paid £3655 + £80 consultation + fares to and from etc and accomodation night before.  Realistically budget £4000 all in.

Dont see why you find it hard to talk online,  no one can see you and your chatting with guys that have/had the same problem you have, no one will make fun of you mate, Relax.
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One last question guys.

I notice that alot of you dont seem to have puffy nipples and aereolas to the same degree as myself. Does Levick reform the nipple etc. as it would be possible m worst part of the gynocomastia.

If anyone could give us any contact info id be forever grateful.

Cheers in advanced

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That's something you'd need to discuss with the surgeon. My understanding is that the puffy nipples would be due to glandular tissue behind, which is certainly removed. As a boxer you may have lower bodyfat, so there may be less "psuedo gyne" to be lipo'd, making the glandular tissue/nipple more prominent.

I think Mr Levick removes anything that shouldn't be there basically.

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Levick removes the gland which causes your nipple to stick out. However, you will probably then be left with "saggy" areolas caused by the fact that you still have the nipple that used to have gland behind it.

This should sort itself out however. I'm 8 weeks post op tomorrow and my nipples are getting more and more flush to my chest every day.


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