Author Topic: Surgery with Levick 3/10/2013 - pre-op vs post-op pic now up  (Read 5812 times)

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Hey guys, had surgery with levick this morning. Two interesting points for you all - he didn't use drains and uses a different type of bandage! So, instead of drains he uses a fibrin spray inside of the gland cavity which prevents bleeding and aids clotting. He said it was the modern approach and time he used this method. So no drains for me! And I've got a different garment on, imagine a boob tube style top a girl would wear bit which fastens with velcro and is tighter and more rigid. I can take it off on Monday, shower and then use the standard Compression garment I got from Design Veronique. I am a slim guy and had puffy nipples. Dr levick got a fair amount of gland out though - about the size of a fried egg each side if you include the surrounding fat he took out.

Currently in bed with leg pumps on and on my third jug of water. Staff here are absolutely wonderful and Dr levick is brilliant - you couldn't ask for a nicer surgeon!

Will post more later guys.

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Hey guys, I'm 4 weeks and 1 day into recovery now. I've added a few pics I took yesterday which was exactly 4 weeks in, also just added the before pic in again as a reminder to how disgustingly bad my gyno was.

Recovery is going ok, but slower than I expected. The pictures don't show it very clearly but I still have bruising. Also the feeling where the gyno was has not returned and also for some reason on my right upper pec I've got a huge amount of soreness, not quite where the incision was but almost there. The pain is activated if I try and use my right hand to reach under my left arm-pit for example.

On the bright side, I'm definitely feeling better. Every 2 or 3 days I notice a little but more mobility. I started going to the gym lightly  after about 16 days post-op where I just sat on a spinner and walked uphill on a treadmill. As of a few nights ago I'm managing to increase what I can do at the gym, I've done squats, managed to do some light arm workouts and also what I feel happy about it I can just about manage to jog (making sure I'm not bouncing as much) without pain so there's is definite progress. I'll try my best to keep you guys updated


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