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 Has anyone ever gone through with surgery/recovery and not  told ANYONE? I suppose if you're a single guy and  slowly built up the cash you need it could be done..?

I'm currently living with 2 friends, have been saving cash for nearly 2 years since i heard about the surgery. I'm lucky enough that, partly cos my chest is mildly afflicted and partly 'cos of my choice of clothing, no-one really knows about my condition, other than a couple of ex-girlfriends, who never mentioned it and who I've now lost touch with.

I couldn't bare the thought of any of my family or friends knowing that i needed an operation to have breasts removed. To begin with i'd be tormented for all eternity, but also it's a hideous thing to have to tell people, and also very unattractive in my book at least. Some might think it odd and deviant that i want to do things this way,  but f*ck it, it's how i feel. It  is one of the only things in life im not willing to share with anyone (except for, bizarrely, you guys) - i mean i want to take it to the grave.

So practically speaking (I'm  thinking in terms of getting from the hospital back home in liverpool, bandage care, not looking too put out of your daily routine etc.), can it be done???

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Yes it can be done. There has been people on here that have done it.  I went for surgery and only 3 people knew, my mother, sister and a very close friend.  I didnt even really have to tell my sister and friend but i had to tell my mother as i needed to borrow some extra cash off her.  If i had all the cash sitting myself i could have easily done it without telling anyone.

You are living with 2 friends tho so you would have to come up with some sort of excuse as to why your in a bit of pain though, i.e. severe muscle pull or something.
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I agree with RRB.

With the right preparation it can be done.

Make sure your organise your transport.  I seriously advise you don't try to drive after surgery, for at least three days.  You don't say where you are getting the surgery done.  If it's local, get a cab.  If it's more distant, get a train.  If you are getting it done in Birmingham, New St Station is close to The Priory.

With the right clothing, your bandages should not be noticeable.  Even after the first day, you might be surprised at how active you can be, but don't be fooled - those pain killers are pretty effective and 'cloak' just how much trauma you have been through, so take it very easy.  Within three or four days you should be able to get through each day doing normal (non-strenuous) tasks.

Just keep yourself to yourself and you'll be fine.  I would suggest you mention to those you live with that you are going to visit a friend for a couple of days and then take a few days off to do 'nothing' because you have some days to take off from work from last year.

Hope that helps.

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I told most people, so didn't have to hide it. But the day after surgery on my way home... I was on the mobile, sorting out some work calls thinking.. yep, alls fine... Then a week later after speaking to some of the people again that I had spoken to the day after surgery they were all like... What the hell were you on... you were completely out of it! I thought I was fine.. but I think the general anesthetic really messes with your head! Something you might want to think about.

It can be done... but you might want to lay low for a couple of days after... Till your head clears. Then you can probably get away with saying you have pulled a muscle in your back or something. I did that once and that was a lot worse than surgery. A week or so after surgery, you can move around pretty normal.


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I hid it :)

But if they find out, just tell them that you ripped your chest muscle at the gym.....they wont be able to see under the bandage or compression vest :) .

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I agree can be done easily. Make up some type of injury, and then enjoy the recovery. You will need a viable one though so people know why you are walking stiff for awhile. Probably a good idea to mkae up a chest injury.

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just had mine done on friday the 17th, so far nbody foundf out yet! only person that knows is my bro and i had to tell him for the lift lol, i had levick in birminghmam then travelled back the next day which took 2 hours! ive avoided everyone at home for a while by staying in my room and playing on ps2 and stuff, cuz i was still sore after op so couldnt move fast but now i feel fine so u just have to worry bout first few days after that its easy keeping it a secret. Good luck!

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Same here. I didn't tell my friends, collegues, people I serve *(work as a Barman) for fear of them all having a big laugh at my expense.  I took two weeks off work, spent most of it indoors or going for walks, and when I came back into social life I wore shirts instead of t-shirts.  
Nobody ever knew.  It's 4 months later and the difference to my life has been amazing. Like everybody probably tells you it is a life-changing operation.

Good luck mate.


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Same here lol, I never told anyone about my surgery. The only give away would be your compression top, if it;s anything like the one I had the straps on the shoulders can been seen through clothing and if someone toutches you they'll feel it.

I through mine away after a week and started wearing a nike pro compression top, just get it a size smaller than you usually wear. It looks just like a t-shirt.

I even put foundation on my chest to cover the bruises incase someone walked in on me while I was changing, but then again it's any excuse really ;D

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I only told one person, and at one point I wasn't even going to do that

I have to admit I felt really bad about not telling my mum when on the day of the op you had to fill in those forms giving details about next of kin etc

You suddenly question the wisdom of not having said anything....I think thats partly because obviously on the day you're pretty nervous anyway so more likely to worry about stuff

I just took a couple of days off work, took it easy and was careful about when and where I got changed as I was bruised badly for quite a while after

Even once I was ok to go back to the gym....I know a few people there so I'd get changed before I went etc

Looking back, I could have def done it without telling anyone but I guess I just figured it would be good to have just one person to talk to about it in the run-up to the she came and picked me up which was a help as I live a good way from Birmingham


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