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Hi Guys

I'm 5 days post with Dr Benito, all i can say is I'm so impressed with the results so far. I had lipo on my stomach and love handles as well as the gyne surgery, in total Dr Benito removed 5 litres from my body, anyone know what that weights?

i was worried about getting my stomach and love handles done as i thought it would be a distraction from the gyne, but so far so good. I had fluid under my chest but it seems to have reduced and i am starting to harden up something Dr B has warned me off, the swelling also looks like it is receding. My bruises are impressive it looks like a pair of purple holsters which extends towards my chest. I will post some before and after pics soon. Benito has recommended i go to a physio a few times a week for some serious massaging- twice a week for a month- so the wife is trying to book something today.

I am not going to go into too much detail about surgery in Barcelona, there are loads of great stories on here and the standard is so high. Dr Benito did not fit drains because he thought i had some excess skin so i was kept in recovery for about 2 hours after his assistant phoned my wife to say everything had went well, to be honest the time in recovery flew in it was a blur. My only complaint would be they brought me round and then put on the compression vest which was abit sore when they did it, i have read previous stories were guys woke up wearing the vest.

Because i had lipo and gyne Dr Benito given me 2 compression vests, he did not think the original one extended down enough so he gave me another,  i am wearing an all in one vest which is like a pair off cycling shorts attached to a compression vest- with a hole for my crown jewels! The vest was couriered to my hospital room and the enclosed invoice said it cost 120 euros! Now i wasn't asked to pay extra for that and i think it shows how professional Benito is.

Because they didn't want me to get out of bed the first night i was fitted with a catheter! I'm not going to go into too much detail but when it was removed the next day it seemed to be about a foot long, anyone who has ever been for a checkup to a STD clinic will know the feeling!

I would throughly recommend anyone thinking of surgery to consider Benito, the standard and professionalism was so high and i am looking forward to seeing him in a few months.

So i'm of out for a walk- i walked about 3 miles yesterday- its back to being healthy and hopefully get to the gym this Sunday for a gentle ride on the bike.


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I'm very pleased so far with everything, it's only the 6th day and my mobility has improved a lot. I still have a lot of swelling and my chest feels like a sponge (although it's hardening now) but Dr. Benito said in the hospital that the swelling will all go eventually and that he took everything out that he could! I feel confident that we'll both have very good results in the end. As you said it's nice to wear t-shirts over the vest that you haven't been able to wear in the past! I did a bit of clothes shopping yesterday and actually bought stuff without putting too much thought and worry into it!


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