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Hey guys, last summer I was referred to the plastic surgeon after having loads of blood tests, ball scans, the works, and for the outcome to be that I was a perfectly normal 20 year old. He took a look at me and said that he could help me out, he was in a great mood and said that he could help and that he had done the op many times. I was told to go downstairs with a nurse and weight etc to get bmi and we'd go from there. I went down stairs and the (old) nurse totally screwed up my results. Supposedly Im 5ft 7, my dads 6ft and he;s an inch taller than me, figure that out and that I was 13.5 stone. My bmi resulted in just over 30, now at the time I didnt think, she walked into the room and handed him the paper with my results, his face dropped and he said he couldnt help me because the op can only be performed on people under 25 bmi and that he'd see me in 6 months and we'd go from there. Those 6months are here and due to the hospital changing location I have to wait until mid feb for my apppointment. I went on wii fit as it gives you your bmi results, I know Im 5ft 10 but I put in 5ft 7 like th nurse put down and weighed, I was just under 12 stone and a bmi of 24. Now, do you think I should bring something up to the surgeon? this woman clearly messed up my results and I could have had the op around this time instead had to wait to be seen again, Im going to vegas for my 21st in early march and was hoping to have had the op by then so I could swim in the pool, now Im waiting just to go see him, do you guys think I should say something?



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