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Hi Guys, just wondering how much you all spent on your surgery?

My mum has been talkin to some people about it, as in some Doctors and the figure £5000 has turned up! THis is in Wimbledon (London)... I wasnt expecting to pay that much but Im still willing to do so if it does the job, cheers guys!


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Spent £3955 for the surgery plus £100 on the consultation with Mr Levick. Opted to use the BMI credit card as it gives you 6 months interest free payments. So I am paying it off over 6 months.......

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£4500 Dr. Karidis in london, good results so far.

good luck

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In Manchester, coupla grand with the guy I went with, via BUPA. Shopped around, was offered 2.5 somewhere else, but depends on the surgeon.

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£1300 in poland.


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