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Hello everyone, been researching this topic for ages but still find mixed opinions on this type of surgery.
Bit of a back story, I've had Gynecomastia for around 11-12 years but only on one side and in the time i've had it, i have just tried wearing extra, like jumpers etc to cover it, and everyone gets to a point where they've had enough of it and want to get it fixed - i'm at that stage now where I want to explore my options and possibly go ahead with it this year, only trouble is, i can't afford to spend around £5000 for a surgery in the UK when I can fly abroad have it done there at a fraction of the price.
There are alot of places that keep popping up in Poland, mainly Wroclaw (Noa Clinic), and I want your honest opinions on whether that is the best option, maybe if someone has had previous experience there which they would like to share.
If you haven't been there, what does everyone else suggest?
Thanks in advance


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Just had surgery at the noa clinic in wroclaw on the 4th of july. Everything went great and it's really not as big of a deal as you think it is. The results are great and I have no bruising, almost no swelling anymore, didn't have to take any painkillers and the scars are probably gonna be almost non visible. 
Dr. Berendt performed the surgery on me. Funny and experienced guy, knows what he's talking about so would recommend him.
Honestly so far I don't have anything negative to say about the whole experience.
lmk if you'd like to know anything specific

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As per my post, I had surgery with Mr Vijh in Birmingham on Mon 18th June.  The Priory offer 12 months 0% finance which I took up.  I had doubts about going overseas for a number of reasons - travelling back after the OP, what happens if there are issues during and after the OP.  For this reason I decided to stay within the UK.  I have also been suffering for the last 10 years and since I've had it done it has been the best decision of my life!  My bruising has gone after 2.5 weeks and the outcome is just amazing.  I had a concern the other weekend and Mr Vijh had me in at his home on the Monday for free which I thought was amazing service.  You need to weigh up your options and concerns.  Only you can make the final decision as bodies react differently to the same procedure.  One thing I would recommend is to lose as much weight as possible and to gain as much muscle as possible, especially on the chest.  Good luck.

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Congratulations, I am happy for you! How is your healing going so far? Do you have any before and after pics?
All the best bud.


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