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hi guys havent been here 4 a while,those of you who can remember my 1/2 week post op pics with mr l ,i had great results,but now its been 12 weeks and im not happy at all,i went back for the check up at week 4 and was told all is good where the vest and massage of which i have done,and come back after 24 weeks ,but my chest is not flat ,it is better but i have puffy nipples and slight moobs ,at which point has any one had a second surgery to correct these problems which i know a few others have had,i cant see my chest going down any more even though your surposed to wait a year 4 end results,many thanks


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Hi Marcus

Do you have pics you could post again so we can see where you ar at? Like yourself im not completely happy at the moment but things seemed to start improving for me at around 5 months, although not to the point were im comfortable. Im planning on a revision with Mr Levick shortly. You definitley need to give it time as you should see improvements the more you heal.

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Don't give up hoping for improvement just yet...
In my case I was not v. happy at 3 months post op, similar to you. But there were big changes for the better in months 5 - 7. Still had probs with LHS chest looking too much like a bit of gyne for my liking. Mr L did a little bit of lipo on that as a revision. Unfortunately that swelled real bad after . Right now I'm about 11 months post 1st op and would say I am 90% happy with RHS and 55% happy with LHS. That means I can live quite happily with RHS, but LHS still needs work! Gonna leave it another 2 months then go back to Priory for suggestions if its still the same. My chest is much better than it evr was in my adult life though so I don't want to moan too loud. I lost 4 stone since the first op and stopped smoking 3 weeks before the op too & not restarted. In fact I've gone a bit sporto.   I now realize I was a depressed fat smoker for 15 years all because of gyno! My t*ts were literally killing me!
Look how far you've come and be happy, maybe the road will be a bit longer than you hoped but keep going and you'll get there.
I think Mr L will give you ongoing support.
ATB. Webster.

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Looking at my own experiences and reading about other peoples its gradually becoming clear that the first op is often the start of an ongoing process

I'm just over 3 months post-op now

I was over the moon with the initial results largely because the op changed my shape, took away the worst excesses of gyne, and made me feel a LOT less self-conscious about the problem. I'm only 5'9", normal build and 11 stone yet had 400 cc out each side, so the difference in what I can wear etc is massive

Now the healing is moving along I'm looking again and noticing there's still a bit of a problem only much less so

It does say in the stuff you're initally given that you may have to be prepared for a revision

I guess for the amount we pay we should expect to get as near to spot on as possible

My decision will be whether I think its enough of a problem to go through it again or not

I'm quite happy to monitor any development over the next few months before making any decisions

And for those who haven't had the op who read but don't post on here, don't get me wrong, I might not be totally happy, but  I'm very glad I did have the op as the difference its already made is enormous

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im off today to see mrl see what he thinks of my scarring as i still have quite large lumps 6months on.hopefully some steroid injections should help it along.

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I saw Mr L as well today! *gasp*

Marcus you really do need to be a patient patient!  It really does take several months for your chest to settle down.  Think about any surface scars you have acquired on your skin, they change shape and colour over several months.  They tend to fade and reduce in size.  The scar tissue under your skin in no different.

Give it at least three months before you go and see Mr Levick again.  He will not consider revision whilst there is still significant healing going on, otherwise he will not be able to give a realistic assessment on 'where to go next'.  Mr Levick knows I was a significant case for him in terms of tissue removal (as you were).  It is his job to treat your gynaecomastia in a way that he knows best.  Have faith in him, follow his advice and trust he will not leave you in the lurch.

I understand that once we make the decision to have surgery, we want to reach an end point as soon as possible.  I have learned that the decision to seek surgery to 'normalise' the chest could take anything up to one year, be it one or two surgical procedures.  You have made fantastic progress, you are still on the journey to an end point, but you, with Mr Levick will get there!  Hang in there matey!
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Looking at my own experiences and reading about other peoples its gradually becoming clear that the first op is often the start of an ongoing process

Very true. I'm about 9 months post op and can still pinch an inch or two when pecs are flexed.

However, what I'm pinching is very soft fat, compared to the compounded hard grisly glad/fat, and my chest area is about 65% smaller than before than the initial op.

Hopefully a little additional lipo will clear it up.

What I've said to others here about the whole process still remains true. I think Mr. L rightly errs on the side of caution as combined lipo and gland removal can be a tricky business and can leave you looking concave if not carried out correctly.

I've seen a few horror pics from over-ambitious surgeons in the states, with the placement of nipples being 'all over the shop' as we say here.


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