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I am 20 years old and have been overweight for a few years and have lived with medium sizish breasts that I didn't like but lived with. Now that I am losing weight and have realised that this is breast tissue and not just fat around on the chest I want rid. I'm still unsure as to what 'glands' are that have been mentioned on here but the breasts appear more round than poking outwards and they are saggy. The tissue does hurt now and then if it has been knocked.

Now that I am losing the excess weight to get within a 20-23 BMI I wanted to know what can I do about these? Do I go to my GP and try to go through the NHS, or shall I go private and where should I go? I've heard a few surgeons mentioned on here but I am not familiar at all with them, and although I don't really have much money at the moment I am willing to save up for the op, but obviously it would be great to have it done for free on the nhs but have read some horror stories on here!

Please post as much information as you can give me in regards to this as I promise it is greatly appreciated!


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  • Surgery in Poland By Dr Baranski 24th Oct 2006
hi Tony
the glands are a tissue that lies below the nipple
the glands push out the nipple to give the appearence of female breasts (gynecomastia)
In an operation usually the gland has a large portion of it removed.
Also the fatty area is removed with liposuction.
My advice is to go see you local gp and explain that you know what the prioblem is and that you would like to be reffered to a plastic surgeon.
But be prepared for a battle.
firstly with your gp then with your plastic surgeon.
But its worth trying to go the nhs route 1st :)
losing my moobs was almost as painless as losing my sanity


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