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So long story short I've got gynecomastia and for as long as I can remember I've always wanted it gone, I've saved up and now I want to proceed.
I'm in the UK as I know this is generally the most rip off place in the world but I didn't expect this? I've gone into see a certain doctor a few times and was charged £135 for the consultation which seems the standard here so whatever. We talked about what I wanted and eventually settled on liposuction and not the main surgery that is left with huge scars as I'd rather have some droop than that.
I got told the surgery would average around £3500 as it's just liposuction and I wouldn't need to stay overnight.
Today I just received the bill and it's aprox £4350 and He wants me to stay overnight.
Is this right??? I've googled the prices and it seems that 4k is the price of the actual Surgery, not lipo.
I really want peoples opinions on this, especially those who've gone down the same route, totally freaking out right now.


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Hi Pal

This is only my opinion and others may disagree.  If you have breast tissue liposuction does not work.   I had it done 4 years ago.  The breast tissue remains.  I am actually ready to make an appointment with Mr Vik Vijh to have surgery to remove the tissue.

I am just giving my view as we are all want to help each other out.  I wish i had found this site before I went ahead with lipo.


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