Author Topic: Its very quiet in here....  (Read 2297 times)

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Is it me, or does it seem to be very very quiet in here?

There barely seems to be a new post to read every day! Whats happened....? Has everyones gyne been sorted!

I had my op 3 months ago with Mr Levick, and things are coming on, albeit at a VERY slow pace.....I still have swelling on one side, and a bit of scar tissue on both sides, but it is receding with time...SLOWLY!!  One nipple is not looking too good...seems to have stuc the the muscle, and it hasnt budged one bit in 3 months so Im not massively hopeful that it will sort itself out in time...

I know it will take more time ....and I think and hope that the results will be acceptable......if the swelling goes down completely, I will be 80% happy, even though the nipple is unsightly....

Anyway, there you thoughts for the day and a new post for those of you who scan this forum now and then!


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I have been lurking (as always), but it has been very quiet!

Make sure you keep massaging like crazy and do it hard as well!


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im always lurking about  :P

just waiting for my 3rd op on gyne, hopefully towards the end of the year.  untill then massage.
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I'm still here and was thinking exactly the same as you - I've got my op booked with Levick in August, still can't quite decide whether I'm looking forward to it or not, other than that, not really anything more to say !

But hey, I suppose that if no one's saying anything, that can only be a good thing ! Right ?

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London news is good news...

Good luck with your op.... :)

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I’ll echo the above about it being quiet.  I read somewhere that Hypo is taking a rest from the boards ..... I think that is a shame as his input is worthwhile.  If you are reading this Hypo mate .. get back in here  :)
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yeah, it has been really quiet. maybe everyone went on vacation! it seems like more people would be posting because of summer shirtless blues.
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