Author Topic: I have £4000...What Do I Do...  (Read 1623 times)

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Ok....I have the money :D....I borrowed an extra £1000 from my mom (which i'll pay back).....What Do I Do.. ???.

I want Levick to do the OP ;D

I don't want to tell my GP...I want to bypass that.. 8)
is that wise...

Do I need a consultation first...

I Live in Glasgow....Is Levick ever there...

Can I have Consulatation in the Morning...and Op in the Afternoon, same day if I pay him cash
Hope people can help

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you would need to call him and ask.

I didnt tell my gp i was having the op but i gave his details when i filled in the paperwork.

he doesnt operate in glasgow you would need to travel.

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