Author Topic: having surgery done in london...who to go with tho??? pls help!  (Read 1478 times)

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hi guys im new to this forum and just wanted a bit of help really. Im 19 and after saving up for a year im having surgery done in london. im by no means overweight, 5'10 weighing 70kg, but have had the breast tissue since 12, and was recently diagnosed as having "true" gynecomastia! Ive had a consultation with harley medical, Dr.Solomon and was given a guide price of £4300, but was hoping to get it more around the £4000 mark. Was wondering if any1 has had surgery with dr.solomon and also any other good surgeons in london and rough prices?


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This ones going to be a no-brainer and i can pretty much accurately predict what everyone will say...


He is one of the top private surgeons mentioned all over these boards and operates in London. I think he also charges around the 4k mark. Other members suggest keeping away from Harley Medical due to not being as professional. Just look him up. I think he even performs a couple hundred every year  ::)

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^^^What he said!!

I had my condition for nearly 25 years before I did something about it - I am now a free man thanks to Karidis.

The man is superb and the hospital is excellent. It is expensive at over £4k but in value for money terms (expertise, care and impact on your life) it is second to none.

Go for it - you will not regret it.


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