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Guys, I thought I would explain my story from start to finish as it helps to know what other people have experienced when deciding what to do about surgery.
I started noticing puffy nips and tenderness from age 21/22 and it gradually got worse - I wasn't too bothered at first but when I reached 27 this year I got fed up with hiding my chest on holidays and being self concious of it basically all the time. To be fair my girlfriends over the years have never mentioned or made an issue of it but after breaking up with current girlfriend this year I thought I would look into surgery options as my confidence was getting low.

I decided on the Harley Medical Group and went for a free consultation where I was fully happy with the conversation about gyno surgery and was told I would not require liposuction just extraction through small incisions below the nipples. I actually paid the deposit on the day as I had some savings and booked surgery for 7th Dec which was about 2 months away.

I then met my surgeon about 2 weeks after this and although he is very 'to the point' and may seem a bit cold I liked Mr Malik as he was straight talking and honest. He confirmed I would need extraction without liposuction.

A week later I went for a medical with a nurse who took a blood sample and asked general health questions - then it was only 3 weeks until the big day.

I was a bit nervous on the day as I'd not had an operation before but can honestly say it's nothing to worry about. I'm not a fan of needles/injections but after arriving at 8am I was taken to my room about 8 30am and the surgeon and anaesthetist came to visit me to say hello and I was marked with a pen. Then about 11 30am I was asked to get my paper pants and gown on (very good look!) along with the stockings and taken into the theatre. The anaesthetist said I'd feel a scratch for the injection but I felt nothing at all and it wasn't in my hand as I thought it was on my arm by elbow on the top side. Then 2 seconds later I woke up in bed in the recovery area with a nurse saying all had gone well.
I was unable to eat or drink from 12 the previous night so asked for some water which was very refreshing!
I was a little bit sick for a couple of hours once back in my room but after coming round I didn't go back to sleep again but there was a guy painting the corridor and I don't think the paint fumes helped! about 5 30 they said I could go home if I felt ok and as soon as I was outside I felt much better so I suspect that without the paint fumes I would have been fine all afternoon.

Slept ok last night, it's not easy getting in and out of bed and I'm a bit sore but nothing like I expected. Nowhere near as bad as I imagined and I feel ok just taking it easy today. I will try and get some pictures on here soon but my case was not bad I'd say mild to medium gyno with puffy nips.

For anyone wondering if to have surgery or not I would say if this condition bothers you and has any effect on your life - get it done! I know I will be sore and a bit swollen for a few weeks maybe months and need to wear a compression vest but the final result will be so worth it!

Any questions I will do my best to answer as I know how much gyno can get you down and if your like me you won't talk to friends out of embarrassment. Feel so good now it's done and can't wait to go on holiday and feel good about my body in the summer!   


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Do you have any before/after pics?

any details about the surgeon?

how much did it cost you?


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