Author Topic: Firm 51 / Underworks size M white compression vest available in UK / London  (Read 4434 times)

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specifically this one - The reinforcement is in the chest area only, so you wont have unnecessary compression on your stomach

This cost me £47 and took about 5 working days to arrive

You can have it for £20 - otherwise I will put it on gumtree / ebay

It's in excellent condition, only worn for about a week and only washed once (on the low temperature delicates and silk setting on my machine) and left to dry naturally.  I'll do this once more before I pass it on

Powerful compression, more so than the post-operative vest I got from my surgeon, but this just looks like a vest under your t-shirt

I bought this as a stage 2 shirt to wear after my initial recovery period but my surgeon said I didn't really need it, I'd completely recommend it for a compression vest pre and post surgery that's strong but also concealable

Save yourself some cash and PM me if you want it



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