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Didn't realise so many people suffered from this condition, Hello everyone, I'm looking to you all for advice.
My story, I lost approx 60-70lbs around 9 years ago. (30 now) I now weight 185lb but have been as low as 150lb trying to lose them. Tried exercise, weights, running, diet but still they remain.
I have been toying with the idea of surgery for some time now, and have decided to do something about it.
However I do have some concerns, that I would like advice on:

- What are the risks?

- What will it cost?

- What about scars, as I have lost weight the skin is quite loose (tried to capture it in a pic) so will a lot of skin need to be removed to tighten it up and will that mean I have a big scar. - this is my biggest concern.

- What is the process?

- Who is the best surgeon for this in the uk?

- I'm possible carrying a couple of extra pounds do you think i should lose them before surgery or consultation.

and finally, looking at my pics do you think my case will make a good candidate for surgery.

I've posted some pics, for you to see.
looking forward to hearing from you.

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Without trying to sound unhelpful mate, every question you have asked has been asked time and time again. If you care to read back previous posts you will find all the info you have asked for.
Surgery performed by Mr Paul Levick, 17/02/05. I am here to help.

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Hello there jazz-Uk.

Yes as RRB says the answers to all your questions (and more) are all in this forum. You will have to search around a bit but loads of guys have been through the same as you, including myself.

I've just had the operation and took my plasters off yesterday and I'm incredibly happy about doing it and happy with the results.

I would advise a lot of reading of this forum.  All the answers are here.  Levick in Birmingham, my surgeon, is very good.

All the best.  From the pics you look like an ideal candidate.  As people have said in the past loose as much weight as possible before the op, it really makes a difference.

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Hello Jazz

The risks are the usual risks involved with any surgery involving general anaesthetic. However I would say that this surgery is a very low risk surgery. Possible risks include anaesthetic complications (unlikely), infection (unlikely), haematoma post op (internal blood clot, not serious, possible), swelling (definate), bruising (definate), scarring (internal and external, definate) etc. In general I have not heard of any major complications with gynecomastia surgery and I wouldn't worry about that side of things.

Cost is around 3500 - 4000 including consultations, compression garments, medications (arnica, vit c etc).

Scarring - I'm assuming you're referring to external scarring. In my case I went with Levick who makes 2 small cuts under the armpits which are barely noticeable. I did not need skin removed. I am not a surgeon so I cannot advise you regarding skin removal, best thing to do is to get a consultation.

The process of my surgery with Levick is he makes 2 small cuts under armpits, through these cuts he inserts liposuction tool and first removes all fat, leaving a clump of gland behind, then uses a tong like tool to pull out the clump of gland. Other people say that his technique is to first use a shredder tool to cut all the gland up and then suck it all out with a liposuction tool, but when he explained his procedure to me my understanding of it was the former.

I only have experience with one surgeonm, Paul Levick, but he has a good reputation.

When you have surgery you should be at a comfortable weight. ie. dont try and lose loads before surgery doing loads of exercise or under eating as during your recovery you will not be able to maintain the exercise and your weight will come back. You should be at a normal, comfortable weight.

Yes you are a good candidate for surgery.


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