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Hey guys,

Just looking for some feedback here....what process did you go through before your op?

Did you book an appt with your GP initially then have a consultation with your surgeon?? or did you go straight to your surgeon??

I am looking to start the process of getting my op and would appreciate any advice!


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Hi Ryan

I went straight to Dr. Karidis - I didn't bother with my GP. I only had a consultation with Dr K and no one else. To be honest I had made my mind up to go with him based on the results on this site before I met him provided that I felt comfortable with him.

Why not book a consultation with a surgeon and see what they say and see how you feel.

Whatever you decide, good luck. My only regret is that I didn't get this done years ago!

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Hi Ryan - i can only echo newlife's senitments. I pushed and pushed my GP years ago to get this done on the NHS, and good to his word, he made it happen for me, after a number of discussions and they made me visit a psychiatrist (true!) to make sure this was what i wanted!! Anyway, the result was rubbish. Hardly anything removed and certainly zero gland removed, which meant i really wasn't any further forward.

I contacted Levick after reading all the reviews and my plan was to also meet with Karidis - but like Newlife, once i had met Levick, my fears were put aside, and i felt that i could trust him - so i never went to Dr K in the end.

Just contact a surgeon or a couple of surgeons of your choice and see how you feel. You will get to know if they are right for you very quickly.

good luck.
Surgery with Paul Levick. 26th Sept 2008 at the Priory Hospital.


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