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I just wanted to post that I had the operation almost 2 weeks ago and could not be more pleased at this stage - worth every penny

The staff at the hospital were fantastic from the nurses to the anaesthetist who I think knew I was nervous about the anaesthetic and used the gas to put me out which having had an op 10 years ago with the general anaesthetic from an injection this was a much quicker and more pleasant experience.  Everything so professsional but not rushed and the care after first class - a world of difference between an NHS operation

I was the first one in - so got there about 7am and was in theatre by 8:30 and out by 9:30 and leaving at 5pm feeling quite fine  - I think for me nerves it was better to get it over and done with being first op of the day.

I saw Dr. Karidis again in the morning when he marked me up and re-assured me it would 'all be going' and 'flat city here we come'! He was right could not beleive how flat my chest is now, he did a really thorough job.

His practice Nurse Chantelee visited me later to go through the post op instructions and told me I had following taken out and said it was unusual to have a different balance between gland and fat!
Right side - 150ml fat and 21 grams gland
Left side - 250ml fat and 3 grams gland
Not sure how that compares to other people if that is alot or somewhere in the middle?

Recovery going well, the pain killers they give you for the first week are powerful so there basically was no pain  and after a few days just stopped taking them.  It just feels delicate, numb and sore but not painful really

The most painful part of the whole process for me was getting the blood taken by my local GP - I had a trainee nurse and she took ages to draw the blood and getting it wrong and was let with bruising all over my arm.  When I came round from the General Anaesthetic I felt freezing cold and chest a bit sore but the put warm fans on you or a heated blanket I don't remember really!

I have got some photos I will put up soon once I work out how to re-size and post them - forgot to take any before ones but maybe could get them off Karidis when I go for a check up in about a month

This website has really helped me to research this properly and know I was making the right decision to
A - Get the operation done and B  - That I knew I was in best hands with this surgeon and knowing that I still have a long way to go before the final result is there as I have the scar tissue to deal with very soon and the massaging

I did in fact have an excision by a general surgeon on one side only 10 years ago which was just way too conservative in how much they took out but at least they did not cause a problem that affected the proper job that Karidis did for me - ever since then I have been thinking about what to do about, should I do anything about or put up with a marginal improvement that has got worse over the last 10 years.  It's expensive to go private but when you know you have picked the best surgeon and he gets you flat without any real scarring it is worth it to not feel self conscious weating T-shirts and and tight fitting clothes, being on holiday or just chaging in front of people.  Would say to anyone thinking about it do go ahead and get it done if it bothers you at all and really the nerves over the General Anasthetic and the pain etc is not much to worry about though you can't help it - I just reminded myself thousands of people all over the world are having General Anaesthetics every day and the complications are so rare esp if you are in good health and you proably have more risk driving a car


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Congrats and thats great about how your previous operation had no effect on your recent one, take it easy and enjoy your new flat chest.

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well done mate....

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Glad it worked out nice for you mate. I'm waiting to hear the result of the NHS panel soon. Hearing stories like yours has me doubting whether I want it done on the NHS even if they say yes.


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