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ive read alot about
ephedrine/burn tropin
dose any one know if these are any good will help fat loss or are just a fad and harm your body are any of the safe

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I have taken ephedrine and clembutarol......unless you are weight training and stacking i would void the two of them........
Ephedrine will suppress you apetite but also give you really bad shakes whilst burning fat.......same with clem. Hydrocut may be a milder and better choice.
Body builders use epherdine to cut up before a made me feel sick everytime i took it......

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I don't believe there is any really effective short cut to fat loss.  Sensible eating and fitness is your best bet.

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Mark how long did you take that stack for and was it effective?

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There is no diet wonder pill, if there was there wouldnt be any fat people walking around.  THe aforementioned suppliments can aid in fat loss but only if your on a good diet and training regime.

Before taking pills though i suggest you read up on them from reliable sources and not from people on inet. No offence is intended to anyone its just i wouldnt take a suppliment unless i read from reliable source about it.

Also its Clen not Clem  ;)
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