Author Topic: Whats your work out ?  (Read 5699 times)

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brownman, if you don't mind i wanna give you a piece of advice and that is that you should  cross trainer for more than 25 minutes, slower and longer = better results! if you have enough motivation for 5 times a week thats great but you should do the cross trainer for about 35-40 minutes minimum IMO

i agree with that to a degree. certainly more time on x-training is better...for fat burning and cardio, but the experts tell you over and over 20 mins cardio a day is more then efficient. i do 20 minutes on days i lift and  30-40 on days when  i do not lift. seems to work well for me and i have accomplished what i wanted with that program. a healthy heart and better lungs, lol.

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so 20 mins at Cardio level 85% of theo maximum is not as effective as 40 mins @ 60% (fat burn) setting?


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