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I just got back from the gym and my legs have almost completley given out, if I take a step and bend my leg to far I hit the ground.  What should I do?


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Go see your family doctor.

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Maybe you over did it in terms of walking/jogging/ or weight lifting? If you are new to exercising, you need to take things more slowly and not push yourself as hard until your body adapts and/or you lose more weight (if either of these thigns apply to you). Or if you are old...maybe that is a potential problem.

I also advise you to seek medical help. There is no possible way we can know what is wrong.

I remember when I was 300+ pounds, and I walked for two hours straight...the first couple times I did it, my legs felt utterly terrible...kind of like what you describe. They hurt very badly, and they didn't really work that well. Now, one year later, I can walk 8 hrs a day, do encline for 90 minutes (10.5 miles)...because I have slowly built my legs up so they can handle that without getting tired. But when I was 300+ lbs and first started out, it took a day or two for my legs to feel better, so if that sounds kind of like you...maybe you just need to wait a few days. But medical help may be necessary...because we really can't tell what it is online, and I'd hate to see you incur injuries due to not seeking help.

I would wait for my legs to feel better, and then just do 2 hrs again when I was able (say 2 days later)...and eventually my legs adapted so they didn't hurt after 2 hours....then I slowly increased the time I would walk...which of course helped me lose more weight.

So, if you are really overweight, don't do more than you can handle until you build yourself up to it over time.

I also did this squating thing with my friends like once or twice a week....where we would count 1, do one squat, count 2, do 2, count 3, do 3....etc. up to 15....then go down so 15, do 15, 14, do that it added up to a little over 200 squats. After doing that the first few times, you lost control of your legs for the next couple couldn't really bend them was really hard to get up off the toilet...and this happened not just to me (who was massively overweight), but also to friends of mine who were thin. Eventually after doing this a few times...we felt better, and it wouldn't hurt our legs after doing this. It took us 3-4 days for our legs to feel normal again and to be able to bend properly...but it did happen eventually. Don't know if this little anecdote is of any value to you.
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