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Hello guys,i wanna start my first cycle of roids, a light one i can say, after all, it's my first one, I read all I could/found/on the i-Netz, and I can surely say, this forum is one of the best, filled with veterans (who actually help, RESPECT), and newbies/dummies/ like me, so I just start by given u some info about my first cycle, and details of me
Male - 27 y/0
5/7 foot or 1,75 meters :))
95 kg, yeah I'm a big dude
Did gym for like 2 years, got on my ‘best form’ , naturally, after that pause for like…1 year?
Endomorf , fats like me like hell
GOT already gynecomastia,
I will share with u freely, any info u ask me
My cycle
Turanabol + clenb (clen its a stimulant,not stero,so…)
Turanabol week 1 / 40 mg Clenbuterol 5 days on , and 2 off
week 2 / 50 mg Dosage week 1 / 20 mcg
week 3 / 60 mg week 2 / 40 mcg
week 4 / 70 mg week 3 / 60 mcg
week 5 / 70 mg week 4 / 80 mcg
week 6 / 60 mg week 5 / 100 mcg
week 6 / 100 mcg

PCT @ Clomid
week 1-2: a dose of 100-150 mg per day
week 3-4: a dose of 50-100 mg per day

200 mg FIRST DAY and 100 mg for the next 9 days ( this ‘advice’ told me some guy, who know what he is talking about, but still … he told me that a normal PCT Clomid, would give depression if u are on it for too long … ? )

The thing is, my first cycle i wanna be only pills, yes I know, my liver gonna do boom if the cycle is too long, side effects i could have from it , its more toxic than the intrav one , but as I said, I have gynecomastia already, and turinabol , its ok, and clenb , well, atm I'm kinda fatty, endomorph power…
First, I wanna know, my cycle is a light one ,so… how many weeks/months/ should i stay off , until i start my 2nd cycle? I would do the blood test eventually
Second, my cycle is an… ok, one?
3rd, help me with the PCT
Any kind of help will be appreciated. I usually buy in

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Self dosing with steroids is not a good idea. It has the capacity to mess up your reprodictive physiology. Adjusting your reproductive hormones is not really a good D I Y project. That said, you are free to do as you wish but remember the old adage: The man who medicates himself has a fool for a doctor. Unless of course you are a doctor in which case it could be said that you have a fool for a patient.
Grandpa Dan


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