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Some of you will have been following my posts @

I had surgery with Dr. Karidis (London, UK) on the 23rd July which was a complete success. My account of the surgery itself can be read on page 3 of my other thread, linked above.

I'm tired at the moment after traveling but I thought I'd quickly upload some pictures for you all to see and then I'll update this thread properly a little later in the week!

I'm over the moon with the results, chest is as flat as a pancake and my nipples look 100% normal now whereas before they used to be inverted. I do plan to lose a bit more weight in the future and I can't wait to hit the gym / go swimming with my new body!

Opinions are welcome, it'd be nice to hear what you guys think of my results!

Other info:

Surgery time: Around 1hr 30mins
38g of gland and 600ml of fat removed in total.
Total cost: Approx £4200, or so!

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Had surgery with Dr. Karidis (London, UK) on 23rd July. Wearing tight t-shirts and looking forward to going swimming!

My experience so far & updates:


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wow great results mate! im not suprised ur happy i have read and been following some posts of urs as i too am thinking of going with karidis.

good to see he is doin good work, and vey encouraging to think i could be as flat as u. it has totally transforms ur shape,i would definetely now get down the gym and workout. cant wait till i can go back to the gym!

did u have much pain? aslso would i be ok to travel as a passenger in a car after surgery?

well done again

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 ;D Thanks very much for your comments, makes me smile to hear other people think I've got good results!

Very little pain after the surgery, my chest just feels a bit tight and feels like I've pulled a muscle, like I've been at the gym, no problem whatsoever. The worst pain I had was my really sore throat after the operation.

You'll be perfectly fine to be a passenger in a car after the surgery. I wanted to sleep a lot after my op, so if you can sit in the back of a nice quiet car and maybe sleep for the journey then that would be perfect. Remember after the operation you can relax for as long as you want in your personal recovery room.

It's really straightforward, quick, and tbh pretty much painless. I'm so glad I went for surgery. :)

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wow, your chest looks totally flat right away. did the doc do gland removal and lipo? sucky thing about lipo is to wait for the swell to get down.
you looked totally flat right after the sugery, so mentally you are happy as hell from the beginning.
i'm happy your surgery was a success.

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Yup, doc did gland removal (excision) & liposuction.  :)

I keep being impatient and taking sneaky-peeks under my compression vest: Everything looks amazing at the moment, no swelling and flat, flat flat!

I am taking Bromelain(500mg) and Arnica(200mg) pills which may be the reason behind the lack of swelling!

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Looks sweet mate, youve got a build similar to mine

but yeah great result mate, If your serious about loosing weight get yourself a tub of Whey Protein, and clean up your diet! Do a proper routine and youl look amazing!

But yeah huge improvement. According to what you posted on your other thread you had nearly identical amounts of fat/gland removed as me!
Surgery With Alex Karidis - 16/05/09 - Completed!

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hey Frozen, cheers for answering my questions on the other thread. I'm buzzing for you mate that is a great result and your chest looks natural now. Mines is similar to yours also. Due to money restraints i'm going to have to wait until October/ November time for mine but i cannot wait and your results have just made my excitement grow!

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Hi, am new to this forum and have been reading your threads, wow! what a difference, well done!


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