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It's just hit me that I'm actually going to go to london on the 16th August by myself and have elective surgery with Dr. Karidis that is going to put me in serious debt just before I go to uni and get into loads more debt!
The truth is I'm f*cking terrified by the whole thing. I want to get rid of these breasts so much but I don't know if I have the courage to go through with the procedure. I'm actually really scared :(
Also I'm worried it won't heal in time for uni
Does anyone have any words of encouragement or similar fears? Do I just have to man up?

Surgery with Dr. Karidis, 16th August 2011: currently recovering

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going to college in the very soon future also.. I'm 18 looking to have surgery possibly in the next 4 weeks if my parents agree to co-sign... praying they say i can do it.. similar fears though of being in debt then going to Uni

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Hey guys!
I was in a similar situation a month ago concerning money and fear (I'm also a 19 year old student) -- but my fear of blood/needles is very extreme. I fainted twice JUST THINKING about surgery. Weird for a 6'6'', 230 pounds guy huh? :P

Well it just happened that I woke up a morning and said to myself "F*ck it." I looked and asked around for a good surgeon and I was recommended one that was very known in Montreal, and after visiting his website, I saw that he also happened to do gynecomastia surgeries. I went for a consultation 2 days later and I really liked everything about him. He was confident, reasonable in terms of pricing, and very understanding about what his client's (me) concerns are. We agreed on his price (4500$), I went straight to the bank and got a 3500$ loan and we then booked a date the same day. The consultation was on July 10, and the surgery was 4 days ago (July 28th).

The moment I really started to a have a bit of stress was 2-3 days before the big day. Before that, I really wasn't worried at all -- I just focused about the positive sides of the surgery (you know them all I'm pretty sure) and just managed to spend quality time with my friends, family and girlfriend to get the idea of surgery out of mind.
The day of the surgery came by so fast and I really wasn't stressed at all. The main reason why is because I got in debt to get this shit done -- and there would be no way in hell I back out now.

As for the surgery, please let me tell you that it's all a big joke. There is a lot more fear than pain. In fact, the ONLY pain I had was during the first 5-10 minutes after I woke up from anesthesia. After that and until now (4 days post op) I did not ONCE suffer from ANY pain and did not use any painkiller at all.

Bottom line, get it done no matter what the price is. A debt is temporary, your happiness afterwards will last a lifetime.
As for fear, don't let that be the factor that will make you hesitate to get the surgery. Make sure you take your time to find the right surgeon who's experienced and that shows you before/after pictures during consultation. Once you find one that looks similar to yours, the results should be enough to convince you. If I got this done, anyone can.

I hope this helps!
And please don't mind my bad English, not my first language :)



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