Author Topic: Sleeping on your back...How important?  (Read 2458 times)

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I usually sleep on my sides or stomach. 

How important is it to sleep on my back after surgery?
How do I maintain that while sleeping? Any tips for preventing myself from turning over?
Also, for how long? 


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I slept any ways it was comfortable. I slept on my side my stomach, I coulnt comtrol it and it didnt hurt anything with me.

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same lol i couldent sleep on my back, so i slept on my side ;)


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Wow im happy somebody brought this up.
Its been 3 days since surgery and i was worried because i woke up this morning in bed lying on my stomach ;D.
Didnt hurt though.

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Maybe put something on your sides, like pillows, to keep yourself from rolling over.
It should be somewhat important if all the doctors seem to say to sleep on your back. I figure its to keep everything even and flat against gravity which would help your chest heal better?
I can't imagine laying on the stomach after, thats crazy ??? I don't know how people sleep like that even before surgery either lol.
Even though laying on my back was really hard and sucked, being on my side felt weird and the pressure of my arm near my chest didn't feel good. You should be fine sleeping normally after 2-3weeks.


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