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Well, Im chillin in my room at the Four Points Sheraton down the road from St. Josephs.  I got my surgery tomorrow in the morning, not exactly sure what time, but they want me at the hospital for 9:30 am.

This room is not bad at all for the price.  After the St.Joe's rebate, it was 95 bucks for king side bed with fridge, tv, internet, etc.

So Im a little bit nervous right now, but really it's not bad.  Im actually just hoping that we get in the for surgery shortly after I get to the hospital so I dont have to wait around all day staving since I cant eat or drink anything after midnight... not even a piece of gum, sheesh...

So here's something really hilarious...  I call my brother the other day because I want to let him know Im getting the surgery done.  He had a mild case of gyno too since I can remember, and I remember he got teased a bit when he was younger (He's 34 right now, 4 years older than me).  So we're talking about other crap when all of a sudden Im like, "hey man, do you still kinda have boobs?"  and he's like, "what, what the hell are you talking about?"  and Im like, "bro, it's ok man, it's no big deal".  So he says, "well, actually I got that taken care of in 2001"  Im like WTF!!!  So basically, he got the surgery done in 2001 and didnt say shit to anyone except his wife, and he finally tells me now.  So he's going on telling me not to say anything, and Im like, "bro, Im getting the surgery done in two days!!"  We both cracked up a bit and that was that.  So what are the odds of that, damn hilarious.  I would have known, but i havent seen him with his shirt off in years.  He's happier than a pig in shit over getting it done.

Anyways, im gonna try to relax and pass out early so I can get this done and over with.  I'll update you guys on the details when I get home on Thursday.  I already took some before pics but they;re not on my laptop here, so I'll put them up when I give you guys the update.




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Haha, thats jokes!

Their you go though ... sums up how many people are getting it done these days ... it's quite a discreet operation which is good.

But yeah, trust me mate, nothing to worry about! You'll be in and out the place in no time ... the surgery is actually the p!ss easy part ... its healing where the true 'feel' of having the operation relies.

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hahaha too funny... all the best with your surgery man... i'm a week post op today and couldn't be happier  :)

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lol..........a big of luck for ur surgery. dont  forget to post ur after pics.

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Well for those of you wondering, YES, gynecomastia IS genetic. And additionally, it is also pre-dominant in certain races as well.
Triple Surgery done in Chandigarh, India (Jan 10, 2008):
1. Gynecomastia Surgery (simultaneously with #2)
2. Tonsillectomy
3. Septoplasty (5 days after #1 and 2)

3 lifelong problems wiped out in a flash of knives... Now recovering and excited beyond belief. :)


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