Author Topic: In less then 14 days my life will change forever  (Read 1869 times)

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I will be getting surgery the 31st of this month. I can't wait, I just turned 20 a couple days so I still have time ahead to enjoy myself and college now.

I hope everything goes very well with surgery. Now that I am getting close to the day, I keep thinking of the worst case scenarios(infections).  No more Jackets in the summer, no more oversize shirts, no more getting afraid of the blowing wind, no more shying away from girls and people.

I seriously hope everything goes as planned and its a smooth transition.   ;D


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Congrats, I had mine on the 7th... the hardest part of the whole thing is the recovery. the first week post op. is rough... but it gets better. 1st week is bad because you can't move all around. It's getting pretty close to school starting, so i guess you'll have enough time to heal? it takes a good month to heal back to about almost normal.
Surgery Date: July 7, 2009!

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Great man, i am 20 too and getting my surgery done soon, its exciting to think we'll finally be free of this burden before we turn 21!
Surgery booked for July 27th 2009, can't wait!

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Thought I'd post too as I'm 19, having surgery in 5 days on the 23rd, then turning 20 for my birthday on the 26th!  ;D

I'm not overly worried about post-op recovery as I broke my ribs about 2 months ago which was hella painful so I'm used to the whole *not being able to move around while recovering* thing.
Had surgery with Dr. Karidis (London, UK) on 23rd July. Wearing tight t-shirts and looking forward to going swimming!

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