Author Topic: I go into surgery today at 1pm (central time)  (Read 2110 times)

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I am very scared and excited at the same time...... any words of encouragment will help... Im nervous about the pain or infections afterwords... any kind words will help thanks...


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The worst part for myself were the drugs and post op body freeze. When I came out of surgery, I was so cold they had to shoot me up with Demerol to get my body temp back to normal. My surgery was done in a hospital. They included an intravenous antibiotic to prevent infection. Pain was minimal, although I did not have lipo.  God speed my friend.
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How did you go?
Watch the constipation, you may get blocked up if you stick to the same thing, try to alternate at night and during the day if you can e.g. harder codine stuff at night, and milder stuff in the day.
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