Author Topic: I been smoking weed before surgery!!  (Read 28655 times)


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I got gyne when I was 13. Starting smoking at 16. I have quit for months at a time in between, and it did nothing for my gyne. All of my friends that smoke, are gyne free. I have a medical card.

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I think you'll find more than anecdotal evidence that supports the likeliness of marijuana increasing aromatisation of testosterone into estriodol, probably in much the same way as excess alcohol can. For somebody who is prone to high estriodol being converted into breast tissue, this may very well increase your chances, or exacerbate existing gyno. Will it make it come back? I don't think any doctors are even in agreeance of whether gyno can come back post-surgery. If gyno can return, then aromatising drugs are llikely to be a contributing factor.
There may be no definitive answers to our questions, maybe living near powerlines doesn't cause cancer. But if there are more cases of people getting cancer that live near powerlines, I might choose to live elsewhere.


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