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I see some peoples surgeries costing around 6-8k which I would never be able to afford..

Would I be able to get a great surgeon for around 3k?

Does the severity matter a lot?
I have puffy nipples and chest fat but I don't think it's a lot of chest fat..

would that bring down the costs some?

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Thing is.. I'm a college student and just don't have the budget to afford a hefty price like that. :-\

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I would really like to get it done while I'm still young though..
High School was pretty harsh for me and such.. :(

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I'm unsure how it works, but can Americans get surgery in Canada and take advantage of the insurance coverage? If so, in North York, just around Toronto, Ontario.. go to Dr. McCain. He doesn't charge anything for this kind of surgery because he has been doing it for so long, and just does it to help the people suffering.

Mine cost absolutely nothing, so if you can do that.. then I suggest it.

Ps. The surgery results are phenomenal.

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Well I just scheduled a consultation over the phone for next wensday..

they said that they charge only 3-5 k for the surgery..

I guess I'll just have to ask for his before and after pictures and how experienced he is and such..

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i'm in your situation hux, it'll cost me 3500-5000, im a college junior(gyne has tortured me as well!), he's a local doctor in ohio, and i will be asking many extensive questions!

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i am college student i have paid 6000$

all loan and gona do some extra work.. if you can't than just take a semester off.

should plan atleast 1year ahead.

i guess time is money.

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  • surgery worth every penny
Also a college student, going to be a sophomore but I've been saving since January of my freshman year and I plan on taking out a loan for my last 2k (have around 4k now).  My only advice is try to pick up a decent job if possible, even if you're dorming.  Believe me, you're MUCH more motivated to work at any job if it means getting rid of your gyne. 

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also in college... hope to start surgery in may iv sold my car and have a small bit saved but i will be takin a loan out to go ahead with..

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Dear Hux,
I would definitely go with a well know doctor that is associated with a good hospital.  Go to your regular practitioner and they may suggest a couple to you.  After that you can contact your State Board of Plastic Surgery to see if there have been any complaints posted, and receive general information on them.  You do not necessarily need to go with a Doctor that just performs Gynecomastia surgery, we went with a cranial plastic surgeon that worked on facial and head formalities, but he did have experience and preformed Gynecomsastia surgery‚Äôs in the past.
WARNING- when if comes to the COST since most insurance companies do not see this as an essential problem they do not cover it as you probably already know.  MAKE SURE YOU MAKE PREARRANGEMENTS WITH THE DOCTOR AND THE HOSPITAL ON COST!
This is very important.  You may need to shop around in order to get the best doctor at the best hospital for the best cost.
Our prearrangement was given to us by the Doctors office which was located at the hospital.  It broke everything down for us.  The estimated amount of time spent in surgery (the more time the more money), Doctors fee, Hospitals Fee, Anastia Fee, and if needed Lab fee, Giving us a total cost of under 5 grand for 3 hours of surgery. 
A week later we received a bill from the Hospital, for 8grand more; they were charging us for everything and anything they could.  WHAT A SHOCK that was!  It did say on our prearrangements that it was only an estimate on cost and it made note of it a couple of times so we figured estimate could give or take 20% not 300%.  After investigating and contacting the Hospital we found out that SINCE WE MADE PREARRANGEMENTS and paid up front we were not responsible for this amount (Thank the LORD).
So what I would like to stress to EVERYBODY you need to make prearrangements and get a break down on all cost involved in some form of statement.
Just an FYI we are getting 400 back because our sons surgery took less then expected.
I wish you the best and you will feel great after all is done, well worth it. 
Read my post on I believe its YOUR STORIES section.
Hope this helps,  Mrs. MOM

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Im a college student, I live with my parents so that saved me. I have 5,700 saved up, and I have great credit so I can put the rest on my card. My surgery is going to cost 7,300 so I have to work a lot to  pay that off....but I would do any work right now, no matter what so I can get rid of this damn curse.
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3k-8k is range you will find in most cities in US. San fran and NYC seem to be a little higher than that.


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