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Well, alot of people said General and Local Anesthia is safe, but in about like 2 months~ a 18 years old male died because Malignant Hyperthermia his body temp went up to 105 F
and he died instantly...

:( i want to get my surgery done but i am so scared about this issue!


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Firstly, use the thread you originally made.

Secondly, one person dying under general anesthetic is no cause for alarm. Hundreds of people die in car accidents every day. People dying under general anesthetic is extremely rare.

Are you seriously worried after finding some report about some kid who died?


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General anesthesia is extremely safe and is used in thousands (perhaps tens of thousands) of operations every day.

Malignant Hyperthermia (MH) is exceedingly rare -- and yes, it can be dangerous.  When it occurs, it is usually triggered by agents/medications used only in general anesthesia -- not intra-venous sedation (twilight sleep) anesthesia.  There are no blood tests for this condition -- it can only be diagnosed by a muscle biopsy ahead of surgery.

Best is to inquire if any members of your family have ever had MH or any problems with anesthesia -- it is usually an inherited disorder.

Ultimate safety question, assuming your family history is negative, is to have the surgery done under general anesthesia in a hospital which has Dantrolene, the only medication which successfully treats this condition.  Virtually every hospital in the US is required to have Dantrolene -- in sufficient quantities -- in the hospital.

Bottom line, however, is not to worry too much about this -- it is very rare.

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