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My 40th birthday is coming up I'm march I have lived with "gyne" 30 of the 40 years of my life. The pain and mental anguish I suffered as a child, teenager and an adult cannot be described by me in words. I finally had enough.  I knew I could not  move forward in my life unless I took care of this problem. On February 3rd I had my surgery. What a difference. Besides the physical difference I felt as a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. For the 1st time in my life even 7 days after the procedure I know I will not have a problem wearing a t shirt and I cant wait to go to the beach. I haven't swam in the ocean or a public pool since I was 10 out of shame. No one should have to live with this condition. If you have been on the fence about getting this surgey stop blowing it off and do it. Living with it and doing nothing was a total mind f#$k for me thank god its finally over. I wish I had found this site years ago.

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Great story, thanks for sharing!

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I would probably have sufered it as well if I'd never found this site.

Where did you get the surgery done  ?
Took the plunge and had consultation with Dr. Karidis 7th January 2009.
Surgery 26th February 2009.
Just wish I'd been able to do this years ago.

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Steveo40  great post!

Your story will help many.  As an older guy myself, I too can say that not having G is such a relief!  Just remember you will have some scar tissue that will make your chest look different.  One side will look bigger than the other, but this is just how we heal.  I am now seven weeks post op and it is amazing to see how much my chest changes--do not be alarmed this is normal.  Also remember that you may have to push yourslef, as I did, the first time in public with "no protection."  I can tell you if feels soooo good just to be outside in a T.  Once you tell yourself to forget the past--as you make your first t-shirt ventures--you will start to see so much more!  Like the trees, the weather, and all those things your worried brain would not let you enjoy!!!  Have fun with it, I am so happy for you!!!!!!!

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I  used surgeon named Dr Steven Greenberg in Woodbury NewYork, He is a high profile Plastic surgeon who also has an office in manhatten. I have heard about on radio advertisements and read about him in several papers. I pretty much threw a dart on picking him. His web site said he did the procedure and offered before and after pictures of his work. I went to his office and had a consultation .  He and his staff were informative and answered all my questions. I'm not going to say I felt comfortable . You really got to feel like a total douche bag being the only guy sitting in a waiting room among 40 women  who all are about 24 and look like runway models. But I guess it is what it is. I just buried my face in time magazine while waiting and on occasion peeking and admiring some of the Dr's fine craftsmenship around me. You just gotta know you are the 100 to 1 factor I also went into this with resonable expectations. After living this for so long I wasnt too worried about scars or this or that, at this point I am satisfied but I know this is a time healing process I cant wait for a few months go by. I cant wait to get back in the gym either Im getting stir crazy now. Dr said no gym at all for 4 weeks. I may cheat and just do some light cardi0 to keep me in the swing of things
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great posts from all above! great to hear stuff like this ...all the best! :)

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That's great to hear steveo!  It's guys like you that live with gyne for so long that give me inspiration.  I hope you know how strong guys like you are that make it so many years and get through it!

You are entitled to feel great about yourself and I hope it only gets better!

Age: 19
Had gynecomastia since age 12.
Surgery performed on July 18, 2008 by
Dr. Jeffrey Wagner in Indianapolis, IN.
(Excision and Liposuction)

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