Author Topic: Surgery yesterday for my 15yr old  (Read 1934 times)

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My son had surgery yesterday with Dr. Rosenblum in Virginia Beach, VA. It started out pretty traumatic. It took 2 nurses to try to get an IV in him 5 times! They finally gave up because they blew a vein. Never once did he complain. The dr came in and said they would put in the IV in the operating room. They gave him some valium and off he went. This was at 7:45am. The dr was performing lipo only. He came out to the waiting area at 9:15am and said he was done. He made the comment that Dan was quite a chatterbox and he knew all of our deepest family secrets! lol I was shocked, they did the surgey while he was awake! A local and valium only. No sedation because they could never get in the IV. We went back to see our son and the first thing he wanted was a buttermilk biscuit from Mcdonalds, which he eat in the car. He remembered everything. He said he heard some suctioning stuff and whenever he felt pain he told the dr and he would get a shot. He said he listened to Aerosmith and talked with the dr about a girl he liked. I am amazed. I would have never been able to do that with a valium only. He actually asked us what we were going to do when we got home! He has not had any pain just the ace bandage is bothering him. We go back tomorrow to take off the bandage to get a look. This is the best thing we could have done for our son!


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Your son is lucky there are many on the boards whose biggest problem is telling their parents.  All the best to your son & family!

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wow man, you got a hardcore kid lol. i got my surgery and i couldnt imagine getting it awake! your son is lucky to have a parent like you by the way  ;)
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My mom bought my Subway after my surgery   ;D
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It's good that you stand by your son...


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